Windows Kagome XP SP3 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows Kagome XP SP3 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

Полная DVD-версия Сборки операционной системы Windows Kagome XP, основаной на оригинальном образе Windows XP SP3 с интегрироваными графическими и офисными приложениями, а также последним SP3 5512.

Доп. информация:[/u]
><Системные требования: Стандартные требования для Windows XP

Русский MUI для Windows XP 32-bit (SP0-SP3)

Пакет русскоязычного интерфейса (MUI) для операционной системы Windows XP 32-bit. Это всё тот же пакет, который вышел в 2001 году. Но он включает разные установочные muisetup.exe-файлы, которые необходимы для разных сервис-паков Windows XP 32-bit. Необходимые обновлённые MUI-файлы входят в состав сервис-паков. На диске отсутствуют обновления для \"Справки и поддержки\", которые должны скачиваться и устанавливаться отдельно (KB841625 для SP2, KB942766 для SP3). Также отдельные MUI-пакеты скачиваются и устанавливаются для различных версий Проигрывателя Windows Media (9,10, 11), для Windows Messenger 5, для Internet Explorer 7/8, Windows Movie Maker 2.

It is Spring, nice mood, inspired by pictures of Kagome and her Photoshop skill, decided to go with \'Happy\' Windows!
Beside the Spring, flowers and the sun, Windows Kagome is filled with applications mostly for Graphics and Office Processing and additional ones for everyday use!
Based on SP3 5512 RTM it has the latest engines, plus additional integrated that are not offered from Microsoft by default. Nothing is removed from original Windows. During install can put Name, Workgroup etc. Even WinTour is there.
System and Graphic Tweaks are implemented with setup, but for your own needs could also use additional tweaking options from the Desktop Folder \"eXperience\" (before using it read info) - credits to eXperience!

Very Extensive Driver Support - 22 Packs
446mb zippped, over 2gb unzipped (they don\'t remain on HDisk)
DP Chipset 8.03!
DP CPU 8.04!
DP Graphics A 8.04!
DP Graphics B 8.04!
DP Graphics C 8.04!
DP LAN 8.04!
DP MassStorage 8.04!
DP Sound A 8.04!
DP Sound B 8.04!
DP WLAN 8.03!
SATA/RAID Integrated Support

Default Screen:
- The look of the taskbar would be nicer and transparent if you install very little TransBar program from the Desktop.
- System Icons as shown on screen are easily changed with default installed Stardock IconPackager (from Start-Programs), \'install New Package\' - \'Install from Disk\' - \'Leopard\'. There are also Vista Icons
- RocketDock on Top of the Screen is default with Setup, and is very modern cartoon style StickerDock skin with Sticker Icons from MAC OS. For RocketDock to work as it is arranged with shortcuts, it is better to install Windows on C:/. If install to other partition, you should rearrange icons and shortcuts on RocketDock, but it is easy job. There is also folder with add.icons on desktop
- Default Sounds can be changed through Control Panel.

Additional Optional Applications:
They are accessed through DVD Icon in My Computer!
First Menu is for
Office 2007 Blue Edition
Office 2007 Service Pack 1
Office 2007 Compatibility Patch
500 Office Templates
.Net Frameworks 3.0 and 3.5
Additional Codecs useful for Video and Graphics Processing

WPI Menu is for all other Apps for optional install:
All Adobe CS3 Programs
Camtasia Studio
ACDSee Pro 2
Corel Paint Shop Pro X2
TuneUp Utilities 2008
Ashampoo Burning Studio 7
Perfect Disk 2008
and many others..
When installing from WPI, it is recommended to install System files such as Flash and Shockwave players, and Quick Time. WPI will automatically restart after it finish installing chosen Apps.
Just for reminder, some of the installed apps will ask for update from internet, don\'t allow that (simply press no and don\'t remind me) or they will become trial!

Don\'t install everything, just what you need.

Burn the ISO at lowest speed on DVD4.7gb with some decent Burner like NERO, Ashampoo or similar

MD5: c10e8f73086581b2c4eea5f4d047d4c8

Windows Kagome XP SP3 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI) Windows Kagome XP SP3 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI) Windows Kagome XP SP3 (2009/ENG + RUS MUI)

Платформа/ОС: x86/Win XP
Разработчик: Microsoft/Kagome
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык Интерфейса: ENG + Русский MUI
Формат файла: .iso
Активация: не требуется
Размер: 4.25 GB

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