Little Shop World Traveler [PC/2009]

Little Shop World Traveler [PC/2009]

61.56 MB
Release Date : 12/09/2009
Protection : Custom
Release Type : RIP 13x5.00MB
Company : GameHouse
Little Shop World Traveler [PC/2009]

Шестая часть из захватывающей серии игр Little Shop. Вам предстоят новые путешествия по всему миру и все это для поиска единой в своем роде коллекции предметов. Посетите такие экзотические места как: Австралия, Таити и еще много других!

Pack your bags and get set to travel the world in search of amazing
items in the all-new Little Shop - World Traveler, the sixth adventure
in the exciting hidden object series that critics call \"a blast to
play\" and \"difficult to put down\". In this new escapade, you have been
persuaded out of retirement by a mysterious person with an offer you
just cant refuse: Travel around the world and find one-of-a-kind
souvenirs for a collection. With a sharp eye for the unique, youre
off to visit amazing locations like Tahiti, Australia and Morocco!
Visit vibrant and exotic destinations to find these carefully hidden
items. Get help from power-ups including flash cameras and new
level-specific items such as a helpful platypus in Australia. Together
with the manic Blitz mode, the \"Shake It\" bonus rounds and of course,
collectible trophies, this will be the biggest Little Shop adventure

Ripped: Nothing!

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Check our cracktro out by running Unleashed.exe
3. Run with WorldTraveler.exe
4. Enjoy!


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